Reports - Letters -Brochures - Proposals - Websites

Words Matter

The right words get you the best JOB, the right GRANT, the essential FUNDING, the crucial APPROVAL. Spelling errors, awkward sentences, bad grammar all kill good ideas.

Design Matters

Professional graphics GRAB and HOLD the ATTENTION of the DECISION MAKERS who don't have time to guess at muddy messages.

Communication Services


Spelling errors and poor grammar can hurt all the work you have done to draft a letter, proposal or important email. EVERYONE needs and editor, a second set of eyes, even editor.


For many community organizations and even businesses, sending out newsletters, either printed or digital, is an effective way to inform or get and keep conversations going.

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter Marketing

Northerners love their social media channels such as Facebook ad Instagram. The good news is, these same social media channels offer a very cost effective way to advertise your services.


Brochures are a good way to reach your target audience, whether they are customers, stake holders or community members who want the information you are sharing.

Website Building/Maintenance

Websites are essential for every organization, whether a business, NGO or government, , small or large. But websites come in all sizes, from a few pages to hundreds.

Annual Reports

Organizations, governments large and small, non-profits, corporations too, all are obligated to publish annual reports summarizing and detailing annual accomplishments for the benefits of stakeholders.